Using Kaltura

About Kaltura

Kaltura is a platform that allows for the creation, hosting, and sharing of multimedia. Kaltura supports the following features:

  • Video and audio file hosting and sharing
  • Lecture capture
  • Caption searching
  • Public and private media sharing
  • Downloading hosted clips (content owners can download their own video)

For more information, see CITES guide to Kaltura.

  1. Plug in and configure your audio and video devices.
  2. Log in Kaltura with your NetID and AD/email password.
  3. Find the course channel. Channels are user-generated collections of content only accessible to certain groups or individuals (determined by channel owner). Access the channel by selecting your logged-in name, and selecting My Channels from the drop down menu:

    My Channels
  4. From the channel page, select the +Add Media button:

    Add Media
    Add Media
  5. From the Add New drop down menu, select what type of media to add to the channel. Kaltura lets users upload media, create a webcam recording, upload a YouTube video, create a video presentation, and create a screen recording. NOTE: Kaltura only accepts certain file formats. For more information, see Kaltura’s guide to supported source formats.

    Add New
    Add New
  6. Kaltura lets your create webcam and screen recordings from within Kaltura. Launch with recording option, give permission to Kaltura to use your webcam and microphone, and record your session. Select Save.
  7. Provide details about the recording (Name, Description, and Tags). Select Save.
  8. Select Go Back to Channel from the bottom right.
  9. Select the video. Underneath the video is the Actions Select it and what action to take on the video from the drop down menu, including +Publish, Edit, Delete, +Add to playlist, and Create Clip.
  10. The Edit option allows you to alter Details of the file, set Options for commenting, upload a Captions file, set Thumbnails for the video, and Trim Video, all from within Kaltura:

  11. To export your content to other editors, go to the edit page for a video. On the video edit screen, select the Download Media button:

    Download Media