Computer Replacement

All faculty and staff computers are replaced every four years. Upon replacement of computers, the old device is returned to the Media Technology Department.


Each year we establish a baseline desktop computer for staff. These computers typically have two displays and enough computing power for Microsoft Office, Lync, and similar tools.


Staff that spend time teaching, do work regularly in places besides their office, or have specific needs for more computing power fall into this category. This could mean a computer with a faster processor or more memory, or it could mean a laptop. The budget is approximately $1,500, and we will consult with the individual about their needs and how best to meet them.


Faculty including tenure-track and specialized faculty have a $2,000 budget for replacing their main computer. This gives faculty the flexibility to have computing tools that are most appropriate to their needs whether it be a laptop or desktop, Apple or PC. This budget also must include any software the faculty member needs. We will sit down with the faculty member to discuss what things they do with their computer and what will best meet their needs.