Printing is available in our computer labs* for all students, faculty and staff at the University.

College of Media faculty and staff will not be charged for printing.

College of Media students are allotted a monthly quota. The new quota is applied on the 16th of each month. If the quota is exhausted, there are two options available for students to pay for overages. Students can opt to “pre-pay” for extra printing using the Illini Cash system. Or students can choose to “pay later” and be billed on their University account. Once a month, billing will run on this account. The bill will be sent to the student on their regular University bill (the same one for tuition and fees).

Check Your Account

To view your account information, check your balance, etc. login to PaperCut.


Black and white, letter sized paper – $0.10 per page
Black and white, tabloid sized paper – $0.15 per page

Color, letter sized paper – $0.40 per page
Color, tabloid size paper – $0.60 per page

Print Refunds

Print refunds are available for jobs that do not release correctly. Refunds may be given for the following reasons:

  • Job does not come out of printer
  • Job comes out but paper is torn
  • Job comes out but toner is low and print quality is affected
  • Paper has smearing

Refunds will not be given for the following:

  • User prints wrong job
  • User accidentally releases another person’s print job
  • User prints to wrong printer (e.g., user wants color, but chooses black and white)
  • User prints in black and white on the color printer
  • User prints too many pages/copies
  • Page is missing an element (such as a graphic)

If job printed but was torn, etc. user must surrender unacceptable document or no refund will be issued.
Print refund requests that do not fall into one of the above categories will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
If you feel you are due a refund, please email the details of your issue to


*This system does not impact office printing.