Scheduling Guide

College of Media Scheduler Guide

Before using the scheduler, please review our policies. The current scheduling system was implemented in spring of 2014 to make the process of reserving a College of Media space as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Although the user interface is fairly intuitive, some questions may arise when attempting to reserve a room. Please review the following guidelines before requesting a reservation for the first time:

Selecting Your Class

  • You may select your class by either entering the CRN using the pull-down menus to choose the rubric name, number, and section.


Section Numbers

  • When selecting your class, you must include the section number as well (otherwise the request cannot be submitted). Section numbers will be displayed on the room calendars.

Recurring Meeting Times

  • Class sections with more than one meeting time should be scheduled with one reservation request.
    • For instance, suppose you have a class section that meets on Mondays at 8:00 AM and Wednesdays at 8:00 AM. With this system, you only have to submit one request. After setting the meeting time, all you need to do is select the day(s) of the week (in this case, Monday and Wednesday) on which the class recurs.

Request Will Appear Immediately On Schedule

  • The class/event will appear on the calendar as soon as a request has been submitted. However, this does not mean that the request is confirmed.
  • Please be aware that until your request is approved by a member of Media staff, the request will be labeled as Tentative on the calendar.
    • All requests are initially labeled as tentative so that a member of the Media staff may review the request to ensure the meeting times (and other pertinent information) are accurate. For example, an unrealistic request (such as 3:00 AM) will show up on the calendar as tentative, but no reservations are official until approved by a member of Media staff.
  • Once the request has been approved, the tentative label will disappear and a confirmation email will be sent to the requestor.

Adding Instructors

  • Additional instructors may be added to your request by selecting Add New Person under the section entitled People. The user filling out the reservation request will be listed the “Requestor.”
  • This feature is important when someone besides the actual instructor is filling out the request (e.g., a secretary) or the course is taught by more than one instructor (e.g., a T.A.).