Services We Provide

  • End-to-End Services
    These are services that Media Tech will help you acquire, implement, and use from purchase to retirement.

    • Desktop and notebook computer management and support
    • Printer and copier management
    • Network file storage and management
    • Classroom audio/visual services
    • Computer lab management
    • Web hosting
    • TV recording for instruction and research
    • VHS to DVD conversion equipment
    • Swipe card lock management
  • Facilitated Services
    We work with other providers to help you identify a solution and take advantage of it. Often times, a campus provider or outside vendor provides support for the service’s usage.

    • Canvas learning management system
    • Qualtrics survey-based research tool
    • E-portfolio system
    • Technology reservations and checkout
    • Room reservation system
    • Liaison with vendors and campus providers
  • Backend Services
    Most customers will never use these systems directly, but we run them as infrastructure for other services we provide.

    • Server and data center administration
    • Inventory management
  • Consulting Services
    We will also try to help you identify technology-based solutions to a variety of challenges and opportunities.

    • Pedagogy and technology consulting
    • Creative project technology consulting
    • Research computing consulting

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