Software Installation

Request software installation

Service Description

Instructors may request the installation of software in the College of Media computer labs. Installed software will be accessible on ALL workstations in the lab.

Please check our current software list to determine if the application(s) you want to use are already installed.

If requested, instructors will need to provide the installation media (CD, DVD, website), licensing information and any software keys.

Instructors should test the software in the computer lab at least three business days prior to the first class session.

Form Submission

Software requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the first class session.

By submitting this form, you agree that you are turning over the licenses for the software to the College of Media computer labs. If you wish to install this package in another location, you will have to request the licenses be returned to you, and the software will be removed from the computer labs. You may need to provide updated versions of the software package as they become available. You also agree to test the application at least three business days before your first class session.